imphephoskin bath salt: feel cleansed, uplifted and energised!

imphephoskin bath salt: feel cleansed, uplifted and energised!

Made with Namibian salt, epsom salt and African bentonite clay. Our imphephoskin™️ bath salt is a cleansing and energy uplifting blend of a natural essential oil like earthy cedarwood and crushed chamomile flowers. 

A unique botanical wonder locally known as Imphepho (a South African indigenous sage) with long-standing traditional uses to treat skin inflammation. Together, all these ingredients add amazing rejuvenating effects. You will definitely be feel cleansed, uplifted and energised after soaking in our blend.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of our imphephoskin™️ bath salt ingredients:

🤎 Epsom salt 

Relieves stress, eliminates aches and pains, Relieve muscle strain and cramps and provides better quality of sleep due to its high magnesium content.

🤎 Namibian salt

Namibia has one of the purest salts in the world. It exfoliates your skin, removing the outermost layer of dead skin to soften and hydrate. 

🤎African bentonite clay

Works like a sponge on your skin by absorbing dirt and oil, like sebum. Too much sebum can lead to acne. The clay is gentle on the skin and draws out toxins and impurities.

🤎 Cedarwood essential oil 

Has a soothing and balancing effect. There are many factors that knock our skin off balance and cedarwood oil can help soothe and calm irritated skin. 

🤎 Chamomile flowers 

Contains powerful antioxidants that which can help reduce signs of aging by protecting the skin from free radical damage.

🤎 Imphepho (helichrysum petiolare)

Has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that are useful in healing skin. Ancient uses of wound healing, pimples, scars and other skin ailment issues. In the South African culture, Imphepho has a strong-standing benefit to rid-off negative energy. 

Shop your imphephoskin bath salt today and experience an instant burst of purity and rejuvenation.


Welcome to the Namhla Collection Blog!

Welcome to the Namhla Collection Blog!

In this blog, we hope to take you on a journey that revisits ancient South African traditions of skincare which explores the indigenous botanicals plants our country has to offer. So relax and enjoy the ride!  You see, our story began two years ago (2020) when founder and CEO, Namhla Dotwana dreamt of a sacred field of African plants growing naturally. She explains that her late brother appeared in the dream and told her, “this is what you’ve been searching for”. From this dream, Namhla Collection was born as she discovered the benefits of the first plant, Imphepho (botanical name Helichrysum petiolare), harvested in the foothills of EGotyibeni, Tsolo, Eastern Cape.

Namhla Collection is rooted in a passion for African traditional plants and their healing benefits. We instinctively understood that nature gives us everything that our skin needs to thrive, and have been dedicated to shatter the misconception that natural skincare does not work.  Our mission is to rekindle the old South African traditions of skincare with a dazzle of modernity. Telling the African stories through our products, restoring the dignity of predominantly marginalised African plants and reintroducing them into the modern market for every skin type, colour and gender, all to love and enjoy.  Our vision is to become the first choice of organic, natural skincare, hair care and home spa culture products not just locally, but globally. 

Here is what to expect when you read the Namhla Collection Blog: 

  • Focus on our hero ingredients (indigenous plants) including benefits, ancient uses vs modern ways, and more.
  • Company news, what is currently happening in the growth of Namhla Collection as business. 
  • How to use our products. 
  • Answering your questions 

Rules of engagement for the Namhla Collection Blog.

We are excited to have you in conversation as we explore these different topics and to create the best possible platform for discussion, we have set the following guidelines for posting comments. We take kind to your thoughts, comments, suggestions and questions. However, when you leave a comment, please make sure that it is of general interest to most readers. Profanity, racial and ethnic slurs, and rude behaviour won’t be tolerated and we will quickly remove any comments that are offensive, disrespectful or irrelevant. Also, we discourage anonymous comments as they do not facilitate conversation. We promise to keep post interesting and as diverse as possible. We deeply care about how these African plants through our products can heal the skin naturally. And so, we commit to sharing this passion in every article. 

We sincerely want to engage in a conversation with you, but also ask that you be patient for a response. And, lastly, this is not the place to submit specific customer service questions or support inquires. For specific issues, please email

Thank you for reading, visiting, commenting and contributing. We’re excited to have you here!

Toodles, Namhla