oatmeal bath melt


The bathtub is a great place for a little peace & comfort. A decadent bath is a lovely escape from the stress of daily life. Always make time for these self-sessions, you owe your body, mind and soul some times.


1. Fill tub 1-2 inches with hot water, place 1 or 2 bath melt(s) in and allow to melt. (You can crumble the melts with your hands to speed the process or rub them onto your skin for extra moisturising)
2. Continue filling tub with water of your desired temperature then soak for 20-30 minutes.
3. When exiting the tub be careful, surfaces can be slippery!

TIP: Rub bath melt over heels, knees and elbows to deliver extra lactic acid & moisturizer directly to trouble spots. Allow the rest of the bath melt to dissolve in the tub.

3 reviews for oatmeal bath melt

  1. Mbali

    The bath melt is flames! It feels like I’ve been dipped into honey I just laid on the couch. I didnt even put on the lotion You go girl!

  2. Zintle

    I was so happy with bath melts and soap, so soft on the skin and they leave it feeling supple and soft.

  3. Leatile

    Obsessed with the bath melts. They look good enough to eat and make my skin feel so good.

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