Imphephoskin™️ Face & body bar


This 100% natural handmade soap is made from ancient South-African hero ingredient locally known as imphepho which carries anti-inflammatory properties to treat skin aliment issues. It also features raw shea butter and organic castor oil to effortlessly soothe and moisturise your skin. Complimentary sunflower oil to calm and care. It contains no chemicals, artificial colourants, artificial fragrances or parabens and is suitable for all skin types, men and women.


Store at room temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Barcode: 0658325888133

4 reviews for Imphephoskin™️ Face & body bar

  1. Sinda

    one of the many advantages about being African, is being rich in land/plantation. This soap made of impepho has been the greatest gift to my family and myself as it has helped us moisturize our natural dry skin, remove pimples and make it radiate. I love it, I depend on it. Thank you a namhla collection for being considerate 9f people like me who live, believe, breathe and appreciate natural products. #makwande

  2. Onaka

    I have all these amazing products under one roof and the pleasure of sampling them, I was a bit skeptical about the Imphepho range, loved the presentation but wasn’t sure if I wanted to change products especially anything that has to with my face. It’s been over two months and its magical, doing what the pots do ????
    My magic soap

  3. Omphi

    The Namhla Collection, imphephoskin face and body bar soap worked wonders for me. I had a pimple forming and in less than two days it totally disappeared.

  4. Sino

    Nothing like a gentle reminder that ndinguMxhosa and our herbs are for us in all regard 😊 Thank you Namhla Collection! Fabulous soap❤️

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