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imphephoskin bath salt: feel cleansed, uplifted and energised!

Made with Namibian salt, epsom salt and African bentonite clay. Our imphephoskin™️ bath salt is a cleansing and energy uplifting blend of a natural essential oil like earthy...

Welcome to the Namhla Collection Blog!

In this blog, we hope to take you on a journey that revisits ancient South African traditions of skincare which explores the indigenous botanicals plants our country has to offer....

Benefits of Imphepho

Imphepho has earned its reputation beyond the Eastern Cape region as a natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties – with ancient medicinal treatments of topical skin issues such as wounds, scars, pimples, rashes and spots. We have grown to be a leader in our field because we build and nurture strong client relationships, we rise to any challenge and we value innovation and resourcefulness.



Anti-viral properties

Treats topical skin issues