Our Story

the making of namhla collection

Mhmm. I never feel ready to tell this story. Simply because part of me still has recollections of when it was just a mere dream, and today it’s a reality. It all started when I was sitting bored amidst lockdown 2020, when I began being irritated by an old pillar candle of mine sitting on my window sill, at my then apartment in Cape Town. It had been deformed by the harsh sunlight through my window. Therefore, on this particular evening, I decided to re-melt and pour the candle into one of my glasses, and it looked amazing. Since it was a cinnamon scented candle, I began to ask myself why do we not have imphepho candles by the way? Lo and behold, this little thought was just a spark of a wild fire of ideas within me.

Growing up, I was one teenager who had her fair share of skin problems which includes oily skin, pimples, darkening of areas such as neck, groin area, under arms and breasts. Oh and skintags, and abnormal hair growth – the list goes on. After my matric year, my mom took me to the gynaecologist for the first time (because my period had not started).

This is where I learnt that I had a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and one its symptoms checked all the skin problems I had. Knowing my condition, the itch to explore African plants grew stronger as I wanted to create products that would not only treat my skin issues but those that could be derived locally and naturally. I researched and learned a lot about them and the healing properties they carry especially for wounds, scars, rashes and uses for beautification.

Today, I have made rounds of product developments using Imphepho and other South African indigenous plants to formulate our product line. It’s been a rollercoaster ride building the Namhla Collection brand, yet a worthwhile journey. There is still more to expect from our brand and I hope you will stick around to see it blossom.

Namhla Dotwana

Founder, Namhla Collection

Our Mission

To rekindle the old South African traditions of skincare with a dazzle of modernity. Telling the African stories through our products, restoring the dignity of predominantly marginalized African plants and reintroducing them into the modern market for every skin type, colour and gender, all to love and enjoy

Our Vision

To become the first choice of organic, natural skincare, hair care and home spa culture products not just locally, but globally. I hope you will love them, as much as I love making them.